Support for CRESS UK


We are delighted that sales from Inspired to Teach have enabled us to donate over £6,000 to CRESS UK for their excellent work in South Sudan. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a book or made a donation. We aim to continue our support by donating any  profits from our forthcoming book, We Will Teach!

Caroline Lamb from CRESS wrote:

‘Thank you to Inspired to Teach for all your support for CRESS – this has been mainly directed by educating two selected individuals.

The first is Francis Candiga – he is a children’s bible teacher and an evangelist. With money from Inspired to Teach sales, CRESS was able to send funds for Francis to pursue a degree. Francis wrote:

I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to pursue a Degree in Bible and Theology.Thank you so much Jenny and Anne. I feel your love for me even though you have not seen me personally. Though I still have two more terms before I finish, The Lord has truly blessed my time here at the seminary.

The second is Scopas Murye.

CRESS in South SudanScopas was recommended to the UK CRESS team as a promising South Sudanese student whose parents could no longer afford to educate him.  He had taken his O levels but could not continue with A levels. Scopas was top of his class in South Sudan and wanted to be a doctor.  Scopas is now studying for his A levels in Uganda.   Students like Scopas are very important to South Sudan, as they want to be doctors in a country where there are almost none. He is very grateful for the support’.

In addition, funds have supported the purchase of laptops and a sustainable agricultural programme for women.


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