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It is exciting to be writing again! Our latest project is still in its infancy and our research is on-going, but we hope to have our next book completed in 2017. It will be a ‘follow on’ from Inspired to Teach, in the sense that we have not yet quite finished with the history of the College and those who attended it. Having already touched on the Channel Islands and the significant link that they had with Salisbury, we are now exploring this further. Did you know that a student arrived from Guernsey as early as 1847? How did she find out that teacher training, then in its infancy, was available for women in Salisbury? Why did she want to be trained and where did she go from Salisbury?
For well over one hundred years, a steady stream of students crossed the sea and found their vocation in Salisbury. Many subsequently returned home and made lasting contributions to island schools. Former students from Guernsey were evacuated with their schools to the mainland for five years whilst the islands were occupied during the Second World War. In Jersey, where the schools were not evacuated, former students carried on teaching, amidst challenging conditions.
There are tales to tell and we will follow up a number of people who are just names to us, but our research will help us to tell their stories and to set them in the context of their time and their island homes. The Channel Island students are an important part of the history of the College and deserve recognition. Similarly, the influence of the College in The Close on education in those southerly islands just off the coast of Normandy, needs to be recorded and celebrated.
We are looking forward to the challenge of the new book! Please contact us if you have any interesting stories or useful contacts. You can leave us a message here, or email us:

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