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Salisbury and the Doves of Peace

Salisbury and the Doves of Peace Salisbury is recovering from the recent poison attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter. The Cathedral, with the artist Michael Pendry’s inspirational flight of white paper doves soaring above the nave, is … Continue reading

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Votes for Women

It is February 6th 2018. A quote from The Guardian review for Patricia Fara’s new book* takes us back to 1918: ‘One hundred years ago today, women working in hospitals, laboratories and universities throughout Britain raised toasts and burst into … Continue reading

We Will Teach!

During the past months we have enjoyed delivering several talks on ‘Inspired To Teach’ to history groups,WI groups, Rotary and other organisations across Wiltshire. We are looking forward to our final talk at The Salisbury Museum on October 4th, 2017 … Continue reading

Fresh Inspiration

It is exciting to be writing again! Our latest project is still in its infancy and our research is on-going, but we hope to have our next book completed in 2017. It will be a ‘follow on’ from Inspired to … Continue reading

The History Festival

The History Festival It is a hot, sultry evening and I am sitting by the open door listening to pigeons in the trees and to the distant hum of traffic from the road. The air is motionless and the outside … Continue reading

Book Clubs

Do you belong to a Book Club? I am fortunate in belonging to a lively group and we enjoy reading a range of books. All clubs seem to be different, with some having quite a serious grading system of the … Continue reading