Book Clubs

Do you belong to a Book Club? I am fortunate in belonging to a lively group and we enjoy reading a range of books. All clubs seem to be different, with some having quite a serious grading system of the books, which I wouldn’t like-especially if it was a book which was special to me. We take it in turns to suggest a book and this has resulted in me reading several books,including science fiction, which I would never have read otherwise. It would be interesting to know about how different Book Clubs are organised.

There was no Book Club as such at College, but as English Lit. was my main subject, I can still recall many books which I read  with great pleasure. Two lecturers were very keen Hardy fans and organised brilliant trips to ‘Hardy Country’ which brought the books to life. Far From the Madding Crowd is still a favourite book. I love the characters and the way Hardy describes the Dorset countryside.

The main College library was always  a hive of activity but the upper library was a calm,tranquil place with an armchair by the window overlooking a beautiful copper beech tree. The tree is no more, but this is where we have worked on our book for the last two and a half years- thanks to The Salisbury Museum-so appropriate!

It would be interesting to hear about other Book Clubs – so please get in touch and let us know about yours. What is your favourite book and why?


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