Rabbit Pie and Christmas Pudding!

Christmas 2017 is almost here! A time of joy, happiness and celebration for many.

Research for our forthcoming book ‘We Will Teach’, to be published in May 2018  covered the time of the Occupation of the Channel Islands by German forces during World War Two.

What was Christmas like  for the Channel Islanders at this difficult time? As always, they made the best of things.

Peter Girard was a Guernsey Headteacher on the island during the Occupation. Food was strictly rationed and after D-Day many people were near starvation. Peter Girard ensured that his pupils had regular helpings of vegetable soup. At Christmas in 1942  the school celebrated with a festive meal of rabbit pie and Christmas pudding. There was music on piano and drums. Christmas party hats were supplied by a local hotel which  ‘also gave whistles and noise makers which added to the hilarity’. Father Christmas even made an appearance, although as Peter Girard wrote: ‘It was very difficult to fill his sack’.

To find out more you will have to read our book! We wish our readers a Merry Christmas and peaceful,healthy year in 2018.

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